Tomo Varga Ltd. Privacy Policy Statement

Tomo Varga Ltd. has adjusted its business operations with the GDPR Directive (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

The main purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain the manner in which we obtain our clients’ personal data. It clarifies the way in which personal data are collected and processed and for which purposes they are used. The Privacy Policy informs the visitors of this website on their rights regarding collection and further processing of their personal data with the aim to protect their personal data and their privacy.

Personal Data Collection

Visitors can visit our website without disclosing any of their personal data. That means that we do not collect visitors’ personal data as long as a visitor sends us voluntarily his/her personal data to our official email address to contact us or to ask for an offer. The same policy applies to open vacancy applications or CVs sent to us. Sending the stated data, you give us your implicit consent for collection and processing of your personal data. In no way the collected data will be made available to any third unauthorised parties, with the exception of the legally prescribed purposes. All data will be deleted as soon as the purpose for which they have been sent ceases. Tomo Varga Ltd. collects the minimum quantity of data for which the purpose of the processing cannot be explained.

Consent Management

Consent represents voluntary, informed and undoubted expression of our clients’ and employees’ with which they confirm their willingness to process their personal data.
Tomo Varga Ltd. mostly operates with business operators that are not asked for their consents, since they are legal persons. Legal person personal data protection is based on the legitimacy arising out of signed contracts. All Tomo Varga Ltd. employees sing their consents. Any of them can withdraw his/her consent at any moment.

Information automatically collected by our website

We collect information automatically in browser log files such as your IP address, your browser type, redirecting websites and other technical data bound to our website. We use such information to manage our website and technical solutions. That gives us a better understanding of visiting of our website and enables us to improve visitors’ experience.


Cookie is a small piece of data stored on the visitor's computer by the web browser while browsing a website. Cookies are used to create a better visitors’ experience and to achieve more efficient website operation.
When a visitor switches cookies off or blocks them, he/she still can browse our website. However, individual possibilities or functionalities of the website might be unavailable resulting in a longer time to approach individual website functions than usual.

Personal Data Processing and Storage Time Limit

Tomo Varga Ltd. is obliged to keep some personal data during the time period prescribed by applicable laws, rules and regulations for individual cases. Unless the personal data storage is prescribed by the law, it will be limited by the purpose for which those data have been collected. Personal data are deleted when the legal time limit obliging Tomo Varga Company to keep individual personal data expires or, as it has been already explained, when the purpose of processing of those data ceases.

Technical and Organisational Measures

A whole range of personal data protection technical and organisational measures have been established within our organisation. Those measures are bound to the protection of office documents, protection of PCs and computers, antivirus policies, destruction of data, employee behaviour rules, contractual relationships with our external service providers, personal data protection management audits as well as many other measures.

Visitors’ (buyers’ or clients’) rights

All the time every visitor has the following rights:

  • Right to access to his/her data and right to insight data
  • Right to be informed on personal data processing
  • Right to transferability od data
  • Right to withdraw his/her consent
  • Right to submit an objection
  • Right to correction or change of personal data if they are incomplete or incorrect
  • Right to delete personal data if the purpose of their processing has ceased, withdrawal of consent or to submit an objection

How can you exercise your rights

If you like to exercise any of the stated rights, please, be so kind and contact our contact person in charge of personal data protection at